The groundbreaking album Kind of Blue had a major effect on the music industry and redefined the direction of jazz in the 1960's. Miles Davis, alongside legendary musicians such as John Coltrane and Bill Evans created a masterpiece that has since become the best selling jazz album of all time. We will be celebrating the monumental album, performing all of the works featured on both the original record and the 2008 bonus reissue.Playing the role of Miles Davis is fantastic local trumpeter Gianni Marinucci. Marinucci will be joined by members of the Jazz Melbourne Youth Program which sees up-and-coming students perform alongside seasoned professionals to help develop their craft. For these performances the band consists of:
Alto Saxophone - Mia Barham, Tenor Saxophone - Elly Blackham, Piano - Ayda Akbal, Bass - Jack Dobson, Drums - Neel Kaul


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