Current Projects


These pieces have been playing in my head for the past five years now. It has given me great joy to transport them from my mind into an experience for you, the listener.

I am proud to say every little nuance, choice, and idea in this album is my own.

I am forever grateful to my parents who unconditionally support me in creating what I love. To my mentors, loved ones and my ever-growing circle of support - thank you for believing in me and constantly teaching me new ways to look at and learn about the world.

From my little bedroom studio to you, I present my sound world of Magic.


Composing for the Brink Of Womanhood Musical

Jan 2021 - Ongoing

Scoring for the Brayden's Tale Series.

Upcoming 2021 Audiobook Series, Book One: Manes & Magi.

Written by Bryce Walter.

Composing Commercially for ThermoFisher

December 2020 - ongoing


Past Projects

Artology Open Fanfare Finalist

July - September 2020

Ayda Akbal's composition 'Traffic' was performed by the Queensland Youth Orchestras at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

Click here to watch the final performance, and here to read more about her process and listen to her draft.

Composer for the BioEthics Podcast

Composer of the theme for the Classic Conundrum Series in the Royal Children's Hospital's Podcast.

August 2019 - March 2020

Arranger for Advanced Vocal Ensemble

Ayda's arrangement for this ensemble earned second place at the annual Music Competition.

January - August 2019