Ayda Akbal is a composer, producer and music-maker currently based in Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about exploring human emotion, perception and culture in her work. 

Currently she is undertaking her studies in Composition & Music Technology and Psychology at Monash University, all the whilst working on various commissions and projects and building up her diverse skillset in music. Having successfully collaborated with a writer from the U.S., has just finished writing her first musical, which debuted in Chicago, Illinois. She also composes commercial music for Thermo Fisher Scientific U.S., with her music reaching thousands of viewers internationally on YouTube and Instagram. Locally in Melbourne, Ayda has just finished scoring her first documentary, set to be released later in 2021.

Recently, Ayda is most proud of her debut solo album ‘Magic’, which she composed, recorded, performed, produced, and sound-engineered all on her own. Since it’s release in August, it has received much support, including a 4/5 star review from Divide & Conquer music - “Magic really shines when Akbal moves from the live-artist-in-a-studio mindset to a studio-artist-who-might-play live approach…Give her a spin now: you won’t regret it.”

Alongside working as a composer, Ayda also performs regularly as a pianist and vocalist at venues around Melbourne, such as the Paris Cat Jazz Club. 

(October, 2021)



July-Sep 2020 - Artology Open Fanfare Finalist

Nov 2019 - Vocal composition shortlisted for the ACMF Songwriting Competition

October 2019 - Music Honours Group at St Leonard's College

August 2019 - Best Massed Choir Conductor at the St Leonard's College House Music Competition

2017-2018 - Artology Fanfare Finalist where her Fanfare was recorded by the AYO and played in concert halls across Australia

Nov 2017 - Instrumental and Vocal composition shortlisted in the ACMF Songwriting Competition


Jan 2020-Ongoing - Monash University Double Degree
Bachelor of Music: Specialising in Composition and Music Technology

Bachelor of Arts: Psychology Major, Spanish and Latin American Studies Minor

2009 - 2019 - St Leonard’s College Music Program Ensembles

Including performances in the Choral, String and Generations in Jazz Programs and composing for the highest quality ensembles in the school.

2007-2016 - Yamaha Music and Composition School